Park Regulations & Guidelines

Park Regulations & Guidelines

Park Regulations & Guidelines

To Enjoy your Safari here are some of the Few regulations to observe for the protection of our Parks and wildlife

It takes Discipline, Adherence and activism to protect our Parks and wildlife for preservation for our generation and generations to come

As Visitors to the Home and Habitat of the wildlife it is always good to understand the animals and their habitation so as not to cause anxiety to the Natural Habitat and our co-existance

Here are some of the few Guidelines and regulations to observe whilst in our Parks and Reserves:

  • Please do not feed the wildlife- Nature Has its ways to Provide, Feed and Replenish, Our foods are filled with Chemicals that could be Poisonous to the Wildlife like Yeast, Food Colors, Preservatives and many other components
  • Give way to wildlife as this being their Home Wildlife have the right of way
  • No OFF ROADING- Wildlife depend on the vegetation and Off Roading Kills Vegetation, Besides Wildlife prevail on Territories and by going off road you trespass to their Territories giving them the right and a reason to either Retreat or ATTACK
  • Drones are strictly not allowed unless under Permission from KWS
  • No walking in the Parks unless on Designated Areas,- Wildlife Just like Humans respect Space and work on Territories, They are cognisant of Human activities like in the Lodges, Campsites, Walk ways, Trek Paths and will try to respect that by keeping off from Such Areas as Much As Possible…Wildlife will switch to DEFENCE MODE anytime they feel threatened and will not HESITATE to ATTACK for their SURVIVAL
  • No standing on the roofs of your Motor Vehicles,- For Years and Generations Wildlife are used and Comfortable with ALIENS confined within their Vehicles, The Moment you stand on the Roofs of your Vehicles then you Become a threat to them as the Language that the Jungle Understands Best is Attack to Preempt an Attack
  • Maximum Speed Allowed in the Parks is 40 KPH,- Wildlife Just Like Humans Work on a System and Being their Nature they could easily Just Show up on the roads with no Prior Notice so you are Safe to drive below the Speed of 40KPH for easy STOP… Hitting an Elephant Could be Catastrophic to you more that the Giant and same Applies to the Smaller Wildlife which besides their LOSS of LIFE could Cause a grave DAMAGE to your Vehicle

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